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Transducer:Transfer Perception Condition Signal.
Transmitter:Change Into Power And Then Feed Into To Regulators.
Instruments:Parameter Display And Control.
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Chengdu Allies Oil  Engin & Tech Co.,Ltd of scope of operations: Petroleum Engineering Technology Service; in the industry of petroleum and chemical instrumentation, equipment sales, repair, leasing; petrochemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals and precursor chemicals), steel, Wujinjiaodian, building decoration materials (excluding wood), mechanical and electrical products (wire and cable excluding motor vehicles) environmental protection equipment, computers and accessories, office supplies, auto parts, metal materials and metal products.
Sales of the Products Show  

Flow Meters

Location/Level Sensor/Instrument 

Temperature Sensor/Transmitter 

Integration Equipment

Turbine Flow Sensor / Transmitter

Glass Level Sensor/Transmitter

Various Thermocouple

Distributed Control System

Rotor Flow Sensor / Transmitter

Float type Material Level Sensor/Transmitter

Flammable Gas Alarm System

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor/Transmitter

Pressure type Material Level Sensor/Transmitter

Pneumatic Regulator

Waist Wheel Flow Sensor/Transmitter

Electric Transmitter

Scraper Flow Sensor/Transmitter

 Actuating Mechanism

Vortex Flow Sensor/Transmitter

Analysis Instrument

Quality Flow Sensor/Transmitter

Transmitter Unit

  • Chengdu Allies Oil Engin & Tech Co.,Ltd
  • No.2-3-102,Fortune Plaza,Pengzhou City,Sichuan provice,P.R.China.
    No.6Xinjun road Xindu Chengdu Chengdu P.R.China.
  • 610500
  • +86-028-15102876257
  • +86-028-15102876257
  • Mr.Liu Hao (CTO/Manager(depar.))
  • +86-028-13518209027
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